Hosting plans give customers an opportunity to select a package of features that they feel will be able to meet their needs in regard to the websites that they have set up. Initially, webhosting companies had a variety of hosting plans that they used as a marketing tool that they would use to attract customers to partake of their services. These hosting plans were offered under different prices as a way to cater for customers that had different budgets as well. However, this is changing with more companies opting to offer a single hosting plan that will incorporate all the features needed by a customer and is offered at an affordable price as well.

The single hosting plan has been adopted by BlueHost who are also providing their customers with their features under the plan. The features are of a wide range and include the amount of storage space given on the disk; bandwidth that is allowed for the transfer of data; ability to support domains; domain name at no charge upon registration; cPanel that is user friendly; e-mail management; shell access that is done through SSH as well as subdomains that are unlimited among others.

Even with all these features on offer from BlueHost, there are some customers that feel that the single plan does not cater for their needs. However, when looking at a BlueHost hosting review it is evident that these dissenting voices on the single plan are scattered far and wide. The servers that have been set up by BlueHost are able to handle all the activities that take place when most of the features on the hosting plan are activated. Furthermore, the features on the hosting plan can easily run on an a shared server which is impressive for the price that is attached to it.