Gone are the days that men blamed shyness and misfortune for bad dating experiences. Luck is on your side if you know that you need a woman in your life and you have little experience in the dating game. This eBook, that Tao system, is meant for you. It will help you nurture your first pick up tactics to the get the woman eating out of your palms. Tao of Badass (http://www.badasstao.org) has come to the rescue of many men who cannot get a second date. If you feel that your game is unrivaled, get this book to take it further ahead.

The Tao of Badass guide comes in with the whole package that any man would need to get their social life in check. You expect certain aspects to come out of the book in form of illustrations that drive the point home. On confidence in the dating scene, a man will learn:

  • Doing away with the dread of approaching women and getting the best tips for making the first move
  • How certain glances and stares can make you look like the most confident of human being
  • Mastering and succeeding in the ‘tests’ that women would lay on your first meeting to gauge your potentiality for a second date.
  • How to engage a woman in a meaningful conversation that would help you know more about the date in addition to gaining some points
  • Understand certain postures that exhibit whether the woman is interested or not
  • Being trickier and inducing your date to make the first move
  • Being able to gauge the possibility of rejection from the conversation and the postures to avoid getting shocked
  • At the end of the date, how to ensure that you land on that crucial kiss that indicate a second date

This eBook is more intriguing as it makes you learn on the attributes that women love in men. What makes it stand out is that it is realistic as the writer concedes that not all the tips work for everyone in all situations.